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McDunnough, Inc. provides the following additional recycled plastic services:

Fully Integrated Material Recycling Programs
Trailer spotting, plastic scrap containers provided, destruction documentation, fully itemized receiving reports
Plastic Shredding, Plastic Grinding and Plastic Pelletizing Services.
Toll grinding of plastics, plastic reprocessing, pelletizing and resin compounding services
Plastic Material Sourcing, Procurement and Supply
We buy scrap plastic and sell scrap plastic nationwide. We pay the highest prices for scrap plastic in the industry.
Plastic Material Testing - including physical and mechanical properties
Melt flow, Izod, Density, FTIR analysis (advanced material/resin identification)
Custom Plastic Material Blending, Compounding and Engineering Services
Complete resin compounding of commodity and engineering grade plastics
Paint removal and coatings release from many types of plastics including intact components and regrind
Including ferrous and non ferrous metal removal from plastics
Plastic Material classification services
sorting and separation of contaminated plastic materials including virgin resin and regrind. Metal removal from all types of plastics
Plastic Material drying services
Toll drying service including packaging.