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McDunnough, Inc. Provides Polyethylene (PE) Plastics

Polyethylene (PE) Plastics
Polyethylene plastic is characterized by toughness, near-zero moisture absorption, excellent chemical resistance, excellent electrical chemical resistance, excellent electrical insulating properties, low coefficient of friction, and ease of processing. Polyethylene plastics are classified by density and the primary differences are in rigidity, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and ability to sustain loads. In general, as density increases, harness, heat resistance, stiffness, and resistance to permeability increase. Low-density polyethylene plastics are quite flexible, with high impact strength and relatively low heat resistance.
Traditional markets for LDPE are in packaging films, extrusion coasting of paper, wire and cable coating, injection molding, and pipe and tubing.
EVA - Ethylene vinyl acetate has low-temperature flexibility and is used in tough films and as a component of multiplayer constructions for low-temperature heat sealing.